KoreaSyndicateBets.com - One of the most feared betting syndicates in Asia. Track betting records verified and monitored to give valued clients a peace of mind. Track winning records proven to be at 85% and above!

Korea - consistently ranked as one of the world's least-corrupt countries was named by European police this year as a base for a global crime ring that has allegedly been fixing hundreds of matches across the world.

KoreaSyndicateBets.com is the website built based on the exclusive source from the most powerful Korea betting syndicate group. After years of successful business as syndicate, cooperating with clients from all around the world, buying-betting-selling Fixed and Rigged Games, KoreaSyndicateBets.com have decided to share and see the syndicate fixed matches to you, making sure that joining us will be a decision that will change your soccer betting life, forever!

KoreaSyndicateBets.com is one of the first corporation based in Korea which provides reliable and accurate paid soccer betting tips. The betting tips that KoreaSyndicateBet.com offers guarantees 100% consistency and reliability. With the right bankroll management, discipline and connection with KoreaSyndicateBets.com, we guarantee you that winning consistent profit from this betting investment will be simple as ABC. We would like to welcome you and we are sure that you will be very happy with the service we offer. Start winning like a winner!


Welcome to KoreaSyndicateBets.com I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for making this very good decision in joining us. KoreaSyndicateBets.com guarantees you consistent return of investment. Our corporation not only provide Professional Customer Service, most importantly is the accuracy and reliability of our soccer betting tips. Enjoy the ride!

Daniel Park, CEO of KoreaSyndicateBets.com Group of Companies


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